Still Life | Symbolic Realism Still Life

Bouquet with Rose, 24x18, o/c

Still Life with Mouse, 20x16, o/m

Fear, 5x4, o/m

Den of Eggs, 24x30

Wendy's Tart, 18x24, o/c

Bag o Marbles, 18x24, o/c

Blueberry Tart, 17x43, o/c

Wendy's Tart, 18x24, o/c

Bag o Marbles too, 36x20, o/c

Fig Tale, 7x5, o/m

Desserts, 24x36, o/c

Ovos 2, 36x24, o/c

Blueberry Cupcake, 16x20, o/m

Chicken Swizzle, 5x4, o/m

3 Flowers, 16x12, o/m

Sweet Rose, 24x18, o/c

Dots, 7x5, o/m

Vicki's Cupcake, 16x20, o/m

Love Desserts, 12x16, o/m

Glock and Fruit, 9x12, o/m

Color of Music, 20x16, o/m

Relationships, 20x16, o/m

Plums, 20x16, o/m

Coffee and Dessert, 9x12, o/m

Chocolate Parfait, 12x9, o/m

Bowl of Eggs, 9x12, o/m

Vanilla Cupcake, 17x23, o/c

Peach Tart, 16x20, o/c

Cloverfoot, 20x16, o/m

Candies, 9x12, o/m

Rasberry Cupcake, 16x20, o/m

Gracie Rose, 16x12, o/m