Item # Item Name Description Unit Cost Order
300 Plaques Rounded for less wear on knife and for ease of cleaning reed each $2.25
301 Thread Extra-heavy gauge, large spool, White each $14.00
302 Dunkel Oboe Staples Brass, 47mm only. Made for fluent low notes and stable high notes. each $3.60
303 English Horn Staples Brass, 27mm each $3.25
304 Oboe d'Amore Staples Brass, 25mm each $3.25
305 Landwell Reed Knives Specify soft, medium, or hard each $92.00
306 Albion Reed Knives Philadelpia style each $41.00
307 OC&R Beveled Knives Made with the highest quality steel with comfortable wooden handle each $74.00

Specify "RH" or "LH"

308 India Stones    Item Discontinued each $0.00

309 Norton Sharpening Oil   4.5 oz. 7.50
310 Oboe/EH Mandrels Pisoni-Deluxe wooden handle each $32.00
Specify "Oboe" or "EH"
311 Razor Blades #12 Hard Strength; 100 per box each box $9.50
312 Cutting Blocks 1 5/16" diameter Grenadilla each $14
313 Beeswax   1 oz. $3.25
314 Rulers 6 inch with mm; steel each $4.00
315 Feathers (White turkey) set of twelve each set $14.00
316 Silk Swabs   each $12.50
Specify "Oboe" or "English Horn"
317 Screwdrivers   each $6.00
318 Oboe Reed Cases Attractive plastic case with mandrels to hold three oboe reeds each $20.00
319 Oboe/EH Reed Cases As above, with six mandrels to hold oboe or English horn reeds each $24.00
320 Reed Making Kit    Item Discontinued each $0.00

321 Leather Tool Case Terry Wilson Single Case each $36.00
322 Key Oil   each $5.00
323 Reed Wrap Better than fishskin! A sealant which forms tightly around the reed each $3.00
324 Cigarette Paper 150 ungummed leaves each set $2.00

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