An Artist's Life: Insights into the paintings of Stuart Dunkel
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A Word from the Author..

My life has been dedicated to the pursuit of beauty. It is an exciting, never ending challenge with prismatic possibilities. After many years as a professional musician I found another great love: painting. The number of similarities between art and music surprised me. Color, tone, rhythm, and harmony form the basis of a successful work of “Art” in each world. My familiarity with these shared concepts and principles allowed me to move easily between the two worlds of art and music. I have used the knowledge gained in each area to enhance the other, and I have also found a myriad of linkages to the principles of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality.

I am not teaching artistic fundamentals in this book, however, I cannot stress enough the importance of craft. Having a teacher who will show you the fundamentals of painting and drawing will give you the knowledge you need to express yourself. The basics are crucial; they not only free you from technical doubt, but are there to help you when you get off track and are at a loss on how to proceed.

In my experience as an oil painter I have found that painting has three dimensions: the technical, the spiritual, and the creative. I am sharing my insights into the painting process and creating works of art by relating artistic principles to my understanding of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality

The first chapter highlights artistic principles and reviews their use in creating a painting. The second chapter is more daring, and looks at how spirituality and philosophic inquiry may relate to the artistic process. The third chapter explores aspects of the creative process and how we can use our imagination and resourcefulness to create art.

Painting can be both fun and daunting. I’ve learned much, but I realize there is so much more to learn. An artist’s quest is to master the basics and creatively apply the finer points to create beautiful images. I hope this book will help you find your own answers.

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Chapters include:
Composition, Focal points & Eye Movement.
Light & Shadow, Beginnings, Underpainting & alla prima.
Local color & Painting without drawing.
Shadow Colors & Formulas.
Light effects, Backgrounds & Atmosphere.
Artistic Seeing.
Movement & Gesture.
Nature’s patterns.
Paintings of Personal Meaning.
Foundations of Music & Art .
Feeding the Spirit.
Understanding the Spirit.
Finding the Spirit.
Encountering the Spirit.
The Inner Screen
Struggles to Improve
Finding the Motivation to work
Creating the Confidence to work
Finding your Subjects.
Who you are.
Creating Magic.

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